Unleash the potential of Twitter.

Improve Twitter's "difficulty", "inefficiency", and "missed tweets" with a powerful multi-tab.

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High-speed access to the topic / person you are looking for.

Are you in trouble because you have a lot of tweets you want to see, but you can't access them as you want?
Access all timelines in parallel with tabs to check as much as you want.
You can check the missed tweets directly in the user tab, and efficiently navigate lists.

Tabs work very well on Twitter,
where topics are easy to disperse and flow quickly.
It expands your horizons and range of activities,
and is useful for discovering new friends and interests and
for seeing things from multiple angles.

Make your daily Twitter more comfortable.

Tabtter has more than enough functions and performance required for clients who use it on a daily basis.
Designed to maximize the high machine power and wide screen of the PC,
You can draw more value and fun from Twitter.

Perfect tab

The tabs optimized exclusively for Twitter are fast and easy to operate, and also have many additional functions such as new arrival preview, multi-stage display, color and shape change, etc., creating a foundation for comfortable use.

Communication is also speedy

Reply Tweets can be expanded and created on the spot for speedy conversation. The NG word and mute functions are also substantial, and the timeline is always comfortable.

More effective use

Full of useful original functions such as original mute, color label, and archive storage. There are also higher-grade utilization functions such as copying and batch editing of official collections and lists.

Can be used lightly

Utilizing the latest web technology, it works briskly and lightly. In addition, it consumes less resources such as memory and does not put a load on the PC.

* Comparison of memory used by Google Chrome Task Manager

Benefits of using Tabtter


Widely accessible tabs are great for discovering new content, interests and engaging people on Twitter.

Friendship promotion

Easy tab access to your friends' personalized timelines for better understanding and increased communication.

Less tired

In addition to fast tab access, it is designed to allow you to perform various actions with few operations.

You can use it for free now without registration / DL.

* Tabtter is a service built by Twitter's public API.

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