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Enjoy Twitter more openly

Expand the world of Twitter with a tab UI that gives free access to any timeline user. Let's look at things from multiple perspectives and come into contact with various ways of thinking and values. It's a 100% web app, so there's no hassle. You can easily get started with the same feeling as the official website.

Effective for various purposes * Patrol check of multiple lists * Direct check of a specific user * Speedy and comfortable communication with many users * Efficient use of multiple accounts * Access & addition to official collection

See things flat and multifaceted

Parallel access to all timelines and users with a multi-tab UI optimized for Twitter. It broadens your horizons and gives you the power to scrutinize things from multiple angles.

Intimate friendship

Tabs make it easier to stay connected.You can also expand & create reply tweets on the spot and have a speedy conversation. The NG word and mute functions are also substantial, and the timeline is always comfortable.

More effective use

Full of useful original functions such as original mute, color label, and archive storage. There are also higher-grade utilization functions such as official collections and copying and batch editing of lists.

Can be used lightly

Achieves speed comparable to desktop apps by making full use of the latest web technology. Compared to typical sites, it consumes less resources and is faster and lighter.

*Comparison of memory usage in Google Chrome Task Manager

I can see various opinions without bias by tabs, so I am not confused by uncertain information.

── From user feedback

We are convinced that the value of the tab UI on Tabtter is not just in ease of use and efficiency, but in "widening the horizons." This works effectively against phenomena such as "filter bubbles" and "echo chambers" that have become a problem in SNS in recent years, and promotes tolerant use.

How to start and quit

There is no user registration on the Tabtter side, you can start using it immediately by logging in with your Twitter account. If you decide to quit, you can always quit completely and safely by canceling the link with Tabtter on Twitter.

About Tabtter

Tabtter is built by Twitter's public API, It is a full-spec client that supports almost all basic functions of Twitter such as browsing on various timelines, posting, likes, and multi-accounts. It's a 100% web app, and you can start using it immediately with just a browser.

*Tabtter is a service unrelated to Twitter.

Let's Tweet.

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